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It is pleasing to note that the information Department has visualized for maintaining good administration to get the required result very quickly and efficiently we are all time ready to dispense our efforts and give efficient delivery of service as and when required so.

The following are the District Information Offices in the jurisdiction of Divisional Information Office of Larkana:

  • The Divisional Directorate of information Government of sindh Jacobabad.
  • The District information of Office Government of Sindh Shikarpur.

New created district information offices:

  • Kamber-ShahdadKot@Kamber.
  • Kashmore@Kandhkot.


  1. Working Of The Department /Sectioned At Glance: The Regional Directorate of Larkana Region consists of five Districts viz Larkana Kamber-Shahdatkot@Kamber, Shikarpur, Jacobabad and Kashmore@Kanhkot.It is engages in projecting the visits of VVIPs/VIPs and other government functionaries taking place from time to time.This is joint and coordinate effort being performed by Regional Directorate and the District Offices working under its jurisdiction with a view to project the public oriented projects and at providing optimum opportunist to the general masses without any particular consideration.We all people of information Department are working as a team to get targets achieved with in specifies time.These efforts we have been continuing since last few months particularly to give maximum coverage to the project initiated /executed by the present government with the soul object to provide awareness to the beneficiaries dwelling in these Districts.
  2. Aims And Objective: The main objective of Regional Information Offices is to project the policy decisions of the government at Regional as well as District level through print & electronic media in order to create awareness among the masses from the policy /decision of the government for the solution of the problems of the of the people at gross –root level as well as the grievances appeared in the press may be sent to the concerned authorities for appropriate actions in public interest.
  3. Prime Targets: We are working and completing all assignments given by the higher authorities through press as well as the decision made in the meetings VVIPs /VIP s DCO’s at Regional & District level in the shape of handout  are being seen to the representatives of  and regional newspaper and Electronic Media at regional and district headquarters  wide publicity .To arrange press conferences at regional district level by the dignitaries visiting at regional photographic section of this office also sending /mailing  the photographs to the various national/regional newspaper through internet /email in order to get pictorial publicity .This office also prepares the  press clipping in connection with the projection of development schemes   converges of visits /meeting and public grievance appeared in the press to concerned authorities  accordingly.
  4. Resources Human Financial And Material Available And Required: It is submitted that during the current financial year budget 2013-2014 was allocated in the head of pay officers/officials as well as other heads included Medical charge, Contingent paid staff postage & telephone & trunk calls ,Electricity charge .Travelling allowance ,POL charge, Stationary  ,Printing &  Publication ,uniform & Liveries Purchase of Newspaper ,Cost  of other Stores Repair To Transport  Repair t o Machinery & Equipment   Repair to Furniture & fixture.It is pointed out that our department is public relation Department and close and close coordination with journalists community ASINGLE PENY was not allocated in head of other entertainment the information offices are   not able to serve a Cup of tea to the journalists how can we aspect  from journalists  for their cooperation to the project the government  activities / decisions taken in the meeting district and regional level as well as during the visits of VVIP’s/VIPs .It is requisted that these matter  may be taken with the Finance Department  Sindh for providing the funds in the head of other entertainment.
  5. Prospects for Development: It is started that the present government’s priorities are included promotion of agriculture of watercourses curbing mismanagement in water distribution promotion of government employs on the basis of their performance, taking of unemployment issue exploring the natural resources, to bring prosperity to the province and strengthening the local government system  in order to achieve the result in this regard the information Department plays  in important role  for giving wide publicity to the government policy through print & electronic media as well as to project the development project/schemes supply & drainage schemes ,village electrification, Larkana Development Package.
  6. Proposal For Improvement: There is  an urgent need of daily monitoring of  the performance of information offices throughout the province under the NETWORKING SYSTEM /INTERNET SYSTEM the regional and District information offices of the Information Department, Government of Sindh may be connected with head quarter Karachi under this system so that daily monitoring system may be ensured by  the head  quarters, in this way their performance of each and every officer will be checked and the required results can be achieved and the important  of department  can be boosted-up this regard.

The District Information Offices in Larkana Region are as under:

  1. District Information Office Jacobabad.
  2. District Information Office Shikarpur.
Already established but There is a need of new vehicles

Newly Created District Information Offices:

  1. District Information Office Kambar-Shahdadkot@kambar.
  2. District Information Office Kashmore@Kandhkot.
There is a need of new vehicles