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Electronic Media

Electronic Media


To Monitor the electronic media activities.

To provide the news items/videos of the activities of the government.

To maintain close liaison with electronic media agencies and anchor persons.

To respond to the view point of the government in various talk shows.

To monitor the talk shows.

Monitor the issues of electronic media with regard to PEMRA.

(A)   Media law


(B)   TV channels

  • News Channels
  • Entertainment Channels

(C)   Current News

  • General News
  • Government projection related news
  • Government advertisements

(D)   Views

  • Talk Shows ,penal discussion ,interviews, I investigate reports ,documentaries.

(E)    Rapid Response Cell

  • News reports sent to Government functionaries
  • Response received from concerned Department
  • Rebuttals ,clarifications aired by channels.

(F)    Archives

  • News
  • Views