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(i)  Coverage

The Directorate of Films extends video coverage to important function of Chief Minister Sindh, Governor Sindh, Member of provincial Cabinet and Senior Government functionaries.

It is mentioned that in spite of shortage of staff & equipments the Directorate of Films has cover all programs  /events if P.T.V     unit  is not available for coverage of Chief Minister videos are immediately of provided to P.T.V and other important news  channels  on screen the same  videos for projection purpose.

(ii)  Issuance of NOC

To  undertake the issuance  o f script of dramas ,musical programs ,stage shows ,variety show etc prior  to issuance of NOC on this effect with a view to avoid obscenity ,vulgarity and nudity and such content s which and such contents which  may incited sectarian ,ethnic  hatred as required under the relevant law

NOCs are issued to various stage & musical programs from Directorate of Films after verification of the relevant documents of the event/program for which the organizer has applied for.

(iii)  Documentaries

One of the most significant function of this Directorate is preparation of documentaries /film reports on cultural heritage as well as socio-economic uplift of the province ,and to highlight the progress and performance of the Government in different fields:-

  • Development schemes of Karachi.
  • Cultural heritage of Sindh.
  • Handicraft & Cottage industry.
  • Green turtles of Sindh.
  • Silk Worms/Forest of Sindh.
  • Sukkur Barrage.
  • Shahree Difa.
  • Wild life.
  • Aks -e-Mehran.
  • Ur s of Qalander Shahbaz.
  • Urs of Sachal Sarmast.
  • Urs of Hazrat Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai.
  • Urs of Hazrat Abdullah Shah Ghazi.
  • Bangle Industry of Sindh

(iv) Proposals

Role of Directorate of Films in respect of Sindh Films Censor Board ,which now stood developed t the provinces in the wake of 18th constitutional amendment ,needs to enhanced .

Similarly role of Information Department in respect of Pakistan Electronic Media Regularity Authority also need also need to be enhanced.

(v) Requirement

The Directorate of Films needs the following requirement s:-

  • A reasonable office premises.
  • Posting of information Officer to undertake security of scripts and other official works.
  • Allotment of vehicles as per entitlement.
  • Posting of a separate Watchman.
  • Condemned articles/equipments need to dispose of under the laid down procedure.
  • Need of Grill at main Gate to save expensive equipment and machinery.
  • Funds are required for preparation /making of Documentaries /Film reports.
  • Latest Video Cameras as well as editing machines, DV records to be purchased.
  • Cameraman ‘s shifted from Directorate of Press information to Directorate of Films

(vi) Future Strategy

In future Directorate of Films will prepare documentaries on various projects of Sindh Government, culture Heritage of Sindh province. This Directorate plans to set up mini studio in order to make computer records of coverage’s of different events of SIndh Government. This coverage may be made available through Net/Email to various news channels. All these plans shall be successful if latest equipments, funds and man power will be provided to this Directorate.