Advertisement Policy
This Directorate deals with releasing of Government Advertisements to the print media, received from various Government Departments/Local Bodies, as per Advertisement Policy 2011 approved by Sindh Cabinet.

The Directorate Co-ordinates with all Client Departments and the newspapers for publication of advertisements and receipt of Advertisement bills process same for clearance and make the payments to the newspapers.


Releases advertisements to newspapers/ periodicals received from various Sindh Government Departments.
Under take periodical review of the newspapers for the release of Government advertisements.
This department has received Rs.100 million budget for 2005-2006 for payment of advertisement charges on behalf of all Sindh Government departments. Whereas actual demand was of Rs.170 million. We have already spent the budgeted amount except Rs.130 million. It is due from Finance Department. Fresh demand for access amount has been submitted and needs to be cleared before 15th June 2006.
Note:-Outstanding dues of newspapers since 1990 amounting to Rs. 90.00 million have been cleared. In order to keep the account clear more funds are required for this section.

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