99204423 99204401 GOVERNMENT OF SINDH INFORMATION & ARCHIVES DEPARTMENT DIRECTORATE OF PRESS INFORMATION 95-Sindh Secretariat 4-B, Karachi. Karachi dated the 06th December, 2019 PRIME MINISTER WANTS TO RUN THE PARALLEL GOVT IN SINDH THROUGH CHIEF SECRETARY AND IGP, STUDENTS UNIONS NEED OF THE HOUR: SAEED GHANI KARACHI DECEMBER 06: Sindh Minister for Information, Archives and Labor Saeed Ghani while addressing as chief guest the swearing-in ceremony of the newly elected members of Student Council at Sindh Madressahtul Islam University on Friday said that the concept of Student Council was very good as it provided opportunities to the students of this university to learn more and to move forward. Provincial Minister for Information said that despite the ban on student organizations in universities, the situation in the universities had not improved. Student Councils or Student Unions could not be banned due to any problematic situation in universities, he said. Saeed Ghani said departments could not be closed due to defects in the departments but they could be improved. Provincial Minister for Information said that the student unions provided environment of learning for the young politicians, but unfortunately in our country student unions as well as the trade unions were banned. He said that it was the job of the politicians to take this country to the next improved level but unfortunately every bad thing here was being linked to politics. Saeed Ghani said that if good people were stopped in politics then bad people would take the charge. Provincial Information Minister said that he had gone through extremely difficult circumstances in his life, adding that in his grandfather's days the family members even struggled for food. He said if Saeed Ghani could become a minister and a senator, it meant that it was possible for anyone to reach this level. Saeed Ghani said that today's youth had more opportunities than the people of their time. Saeed Ghani said that since Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah studied at Sindh Madressahtul Islam, the importance of this university was far greater than all other universities. The provincial minister said that a dictator banned the student unions to suppress the movement against him, so that students could not join that movement. He said that local government elections and student unions produced credible leaders. He said that when the country had to be developed by the politicians, then the politician-making factories which were the student unions should be allowed to function freely first. Saeed Ghani said that the Prime Minister had the right to meet his MPAs and allies, but it was not appropriate to call the Chief Secretary and Inspector General of Sindh Police in those meetings. He said that it seemed that if the prime minister wanted to run a parallel government in Sindh through the chief Secretary and IGP Sindh. Saeed Ghani said that there was a very important polio meeting in the province today which was also to be attended by the Chief Secretary and Inspector General of Police, but after the Prime Minister's call, the two officers left for Islamabad. Provincial Information Minister said that Sindh government seriously wanted to eradicate polio in the province, but it seemed that in the view of Prime Minister Imran Khan, polio eradication had no significance. "This is extremely inappropriate on part of the Prime Minister. We will not allow the parallel system to be established in the province," he said. HANDOUT NO. 1126()