1. Government is doing significant service in the field of education . Murtaza Baloch.

KARACHI (DECEMBER 20) : Minister for Human Settlements and Special Development, Ghulam Murtaza Baloch has said that without success in education, we cannot achieve development in any other sector and we must work together to achieve this goal. This he said while addressing as a chief guest at the sports gala and distribution awards ceremony in UC Konkar at CETC Gadap School.

Addressing the ceremony, Sindh Minister for Human Settlements Ghulam Murtaza Baloch has said that the extracurricular activities of the students with curricular education, especially their interest in sports and the passion for moving forward, reflected a healthy environment and hopefully that the teachers and students would continue to pursue this same dedication and hard work. The Minister further said that it is even more exciting that the talent of school children in Konkar suburbs of Karachi is noticeable and their teachers and parents work hard with them. Sindh government is doing a great job in the field of education, parents should also play a role in the training of children with teachers and complete success is not achieved unless we strive to promote education together.

On this occasion, the provincial minister Ghulam Murtaza Baloch also distributed shields to the students who achieved significant achievements in sports. At the ceremony, the school students also presented colorful tableaus containing national songs.

In the ceremony he has also distributed cold clothes (sweaters, jackets) to students by the school administration.



Handout No. 1170(MU)