KARACHI February 10 - Advisor to Chief Minister on Law, Environment and Spokesperson Sindh Government Barrister Murtaza Wahab said at a press conference in Sindh Assembly Building Committee Room today that health is a provincial issue. Responding to the Supreme Court's decision to hand over the federal subject.

He said the federal government did not allocate a single rupee budget to run these three hospitals, but the PTI leader said that the hospitals should be allocated to the hospitals. He said that the federal government's cabinet of June 17, 2019 It had been decided in the meeting that the federal government would not be able to run these hospitals and the Sindh government itself was doing better, but PTI members Sindh Assembly said in a visit to NICVD that these hospitals would be running by PTI.

He said that politicians like Khurram Sher Zaman say in his tweet that this hospital will now run PTI. He said that these members are not aware that and federal and provincial government. There are different things to do instead of making an impassioned statement on each issue. They should study the constitution and the law. The court ruled that the expenditure incurred on these hospitals from 2011 to 2019 will have to be repayed to the provincial government.

He said that a budget of Rs 16 billion per annum is required to run these three hospitals. He said that the Sindh government approved the cabinet and assembly for the welfare of the people. He said that these hospitals, especially the NICVD, had come before the Sindh government and what it is today. They have become the art of art. People from all over Pakistan come to these institutions for treatment today. The federal cabinet has already resolved the issue, but Khurram Sher Zaman is flashing his shop with rhetoric.

He said that in the last 17 months, the PTI was not looking seriously at solving the problems of the people, but they were storing the people. He said that if any party can handle the economic situation of Pakistan then it is Pakistan People's Party because the PPP does not believe in solo flight.