KARACHI March 06: Minister for Education and Labor Sindh Saeed Ghani has said that there is no doubt that the Supreme Court's views and thoughts on improving wrongdoing in Karachi and improving Karachi, however, those who are affected are needed both time and money to provide alternative options and plan for their re-settlement. Students are facing problems due to holidays in educational institutions but we cannot open the way for major problem from a small problem. The Board of Secondary Education has issued a notification to all schools to collect admit cards for matriculation exams and we are trying to adopt such a strategy that the exams are on time and each student can collect admit cards. The media should inform the public that they do not listen to the news about the Corona virus on social media and we have initiated action against those who spread such rumors. He expressed these views while talking to media outside the Supreme Court Karachi Registry on Friday. Saeed Ghani said that he has appeared in respect of the contempt of court case imposed on him in the honorable court today. "It's very easy to break into people's homes, but making them is a difficult task," he said. Saeed Ghani said that we want the viewpoint and thinking of the respected judiciary is very good and the work that is going wrong in Karachi is to correct and improve Karachi and we have no doubt about it. ۔ The Minister Education and Labour said that many people are affected by this decision of respected judiciary, so first we must give these victims an alternative option. We must first offer a resettlement program before their homes are demolished and this plan requires a lot of money and the government does not have that much money right now. Saeed Ghani said, "I have said before that we have to take a cohesive plan in this regard and the implementation of honorable judiciary decisions can affect many." "First we have to plan how long and for how much money we have to move these victims from one place to another so that their lives are not affected and the decisions of the honorable judiciary can be implemented," he said. "This is a long-term plan and we always request it," he said.

Saeed Ghani said that today the proceedings of the honorable judiciary gave me great courage and encouragement in the manner in which the honorable judges heard the victims in the judiciary today. Responding to a question, Saeed Ghani said that the tragedy of the demolition of the building in Karachi yesterday is tragic and we are sorry for the loss of many lives in it. "We have to think that the kind of buildings that are falling in Karachi are not built by a regular builder, but they are those people who bought a small plot and illegally built flats on it and sold it to the people. Saeed Ghani said that the materials used in such buildings are not standardized and are manufactured against the rules of the construction industry.

Saeed Ghani said we have taken steps to regulate the construction industry but it needs further improvement adding that we have to take action against those who are involved in such illegal structures and have no license. At the same time, we should also support those who are regularly associated with the construction industry so that they can meet the need of homes for people, so that we can prevent such illegal construction. Responding to a question, the provincial minister of education said that we should recognize that there are defects in institutions, not in every city or province, but in the country at large, if the problems are widespread, then a government, a minister alone cannot correct but we need to bring about a change in society. He said that if a person does such illegal construction, people go to such buildings and buy houses. He said that people hardly collect money for their house but when they buy a flat, they should also make sure that the flat they are buying is the land of this building, its construction is standard. If any builder of the building is not meeting the legal requirements and whether the building in which he is taking the flat has not put any of the above floors allowed, but regrettably, thousands of people still do not bother to know if builder met such requirements, and that is the reason why illegal and non-standard building makers and those who are not affiliated with the construction industry sell.

In response to a question, he said that citizens and the media should help us in this regard and support us if we stop such illegal activities.

Responding to a question Minister for Education and Labour Saeed Ghani said that the problem of Corona virus is prevalent worldwide and many developed countries that have all the health facilities have closed their educational institutions, while many countries have banned gatherings, including Friday's gatherings. He said that taking precautionary measures regarding people's health is a worldwide priority. We have closed educational institutes as a precautionary measure to protect school children from this epidemic.

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