1. MARCH 11: Spokesperson Sindh Government and Advisor Law, and Environment Barrister Murtaza Wahab has said that the Corona virus has become a global pandemic but the federal government is not serious in this regard. He expressed these views at a press conference in Sindh Assembly Committee Room. He said that Sindh Government had decided that a media briefing would be conducted on a daily basis to keep the public informed in this regard and Chief Minister Sindh would also preside over a meeting of the Corona Virus Task Force. He also said that so far 2300 people had entered Sindh from Iran and all those had been tested and in the fear of the Corona virus 188 tests were done, out of which only fourteen of the Corona test came out positive and the rest of the tests were negative. The families of these 14 people also passed the test and their report was negative. He added that these persons had been kept in Quarantine and one person has also recovered. He said that the details of the names of the persons affected by Corona virus could not be disclosed because of the impact on their personal lives. They will be compiled and the media is also urged not to publicize their names. The federal government is not demonstrating that it is acting on the pretext of spreading the disease because it was the responsibility of the federal government to check all entrances to the country and those in Sindh who are affected by the Corona virus are all the people traveled from overseas to Sindh and till now no test of a Corona virus has come up with a local transmission. He said that the scanners at the airports, sea ports and land routes have been activated and deployed. The seriousness of the matter needs to be understood. He said that since the first case of the Corona virus The Sindh government had been vibrant since then, but the federal government had not received the attention. He added that the Prime Minister of Pakistan is not showing his seriousness in the context of this serious global outbreak and other provincial governments have been involved in political manipulation. He said that the most important thing was that no other chief ministers except the Sindh. He added that it was not appropriate to look at the closure of educational institutions and cricket match from one angle because the education. attendance at the institutions is mandatory but watching cricket matches is optional. The question about the performance of Tuftan Border a patient exposed to the Corona virus. He added that a final decision on the vacations of educational institutions would be made in a few days as the province is taking the matter very seriously. He further said that the role of local PTI leaders is to move around the city with masks because they have to shine their politics in this serious tragedy and the priority of the federal government was not include health.

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